my name is lisa, and you have stumbled upon my blog, little heaven
and it's a simple little blog, certainly nothing fancy. I hope to fill theses pages with things visually and creatively inspiring, such as interiors, music I obsess over, healthy food to eat, projects of all sorts, and books I get lost in. basically anything and everything that get my juices flowing. for the last few years I have had an overwhelming desire to expand my life, broaden my horizons, widen my circle, to reach out and share...so here I am.
I've been known to be creative, a music enthusiast, and quite devoted to tasty food. my career experience and education is in interior design. I grew up in, and live in, the lovely state of wisconsin with my charming son, my sweet dog Harper, and two sassy cats named Poe and Marley.

if you've  stumbled upon my little space here on the internet, it's nice to meet you! I hope you might be inspired by what you see and create your own little heaven here on earth.

thank you ever so for visiting, please come back often!