September 8, 2012


I was dreading this week because I thought it was going to be cuhraaazy busy, but in fact it turned out to be pretty mellow. which is exactly what my soul needed. so I had some time to think and some time to plan, and here's what happened:

  • today was the first cool rainy day of september and its making me sooo sleepy
  • since its so chilly, its getting me in the mood for some serious comfort food, my favorite fleecy blanket, a pumpkin spice scented candle, and a good movie
  • I so desire just about anything from this clothier
  • and I really really want these shoes for weekend wandering this fall and winter
  • I'm considering opening an antique/gift booth with a friend of mine. possibly more details to come after our brainstorming session, I'm quite excited and hope it works out
  • I've truly been craving a good cup of tea lately
  • but I've just spilled my coffee all over my desktop, mouse, and keyboard (at this point they thankfully still work, as you can see)
  • I am going to watch this movie tonight (photo above), combining three loves of mine: vampires, the 80's, and David Bowie. can't wait to see Mr. Bowie (always loved a good vampire tale, way before "team edward" and "team jacob". whatever.)
  • a trip to the mall on monday with my 8 year old niece helped satisfy the fact that I've been feeling very girly lately. I've been wanting glitter nail polish and new makeup so we sampled away to our hearts content at Sephora. love that little girl. 

 that would be all for now, let the weekend officially begin ♥

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