March 21, 2012

fortune cookie

life is without meaning. you bring the meaning to it. the meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. being alive is the meaning.
Joseph Campbell

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March 15, 2012

Winter Pow Wow

although it is march and springtime warmth has arrived a bit early in wisconsin, I recently attended the annual winter pow wow. I try to attend both the summer and winter events, however the winter pow wow is the one I favor. it is a bit smaller (although still a large event) and it is lesser known than the summer festival, so it is a bit more intimate as well. generally the people who attend are family and friends of the performers or people who have a genuine interest and admiration for the culture being presented. I would fit into the latter category. it is absolutely a stimulating and inspiring thing to witness. 


unfortunately the photos did not turn out as well as I had hoped, all of them being a bit fuzzy. I suppose I can blame that on the constant movement going on all around you, never enough time to focus! the dancing and music was passionately performed. even though it is quite a busy and loud place, it felt as if the stress of life was let go for the day and replaced with a sense of relief and joy. the pride felt by the dancers and drummers was very easy to see.

I feasted on a buffalo burger in a piece of fry bread, wild rice casserole, and then more fry bread with honey. if you haven't tried fry bread I encourage you to do so if you ever get the chance. it is a batter like bread that is flat and moist. it is deep fried to make all of that moist goodness even better. absolutely anything tastes good on top of, or in it. you can fold it in half and eat it like a taco, or eat it flat on a plate with a topping. I'm sure it is absolutely terrible for you, just for the fact that it is deep fried, but I certainly didn't care that day! everything in moderation right? it is definitely a treat to look forward to.

and of course there is the market. oh so many treats to pine over! because this is the artists personal work, I don't have any photos to share out of respect for them and their craft. but there was bead and leather work, music, jewelry, carving, herbal medicinals, books, and the most amazing dream catchers I have ever seen! they are about  30" in diameter, crafted of leather and string. pieces of wood, bead work, and amulets are woven in. they are truly pieces of art. of course they are justifiably costly, but I will one day buy one of those dream catchers.

it was an afternoon to remember. if you have the opportunity to attend a pow wow, do so, I guarantee you won't regret the experience.

March 2, 2012

fortune cookie

I don't want to get to the end of my life and find I just lived the length of it, I want to live the width of it as well.
Diane Ackerman

the simplest of modern living

now this is surely the way to absorb all of the aesthetics of our natural world, no?
I will most certainly have this life one day. the living area may be a little small for my liking, but oh the simplicity! Can you imagine how much freedom you would have? it makes me want to sit back, close my eyes, and let my thoughts linger over the dream of it...